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Questions and Answers

What elevates Payroll Funding Canada in comparison to other competing companies?

One of the many perks of Payroll Funding Canada is that we are a focused group, better priced than all other boutique firms in the market. There are no hidden fees with us. Payroll Funding Canada operates under the policy of, “what you see is what you get.” Right from our first conversation, you will have a clear understanding of our desire to help your firm excel.

What will I gain from a business relationship with Payroll Funding Canada?

By utilizing the strengths of Payroll Funding Canada, your company will be able to develop and reach its full potential, no longer burdened by the restrictions of your current payroll challenges. Your company will also be able to focus more time and energy on what it does best. If you are a startup business you will receive professional advice on business structures, and operations – to help you succeed and grow.

Is there a start-up fee for registering with Payroll Funding Canada?

No. Payroll Funding Canada does not require a start-up fee, nor will you be surprised by any hidden costs throughout our business relationship. Please see our Fee Schedule for our rates.

What if I have any questions or am in need of assistance in the future?

Another asset of Payroll Funding Canada is that aside from being your “partner in details”, we also offer Human Resource services. We will work with you to find solutions.

How complex is the process of getting started with Payroll Funding Canada?

Like everything Payroll Funding Canada does, there is a straightforward and simple approach used. If our services can be of benefit to your company, all it takes is a phone call to get started and we will do our part to take care of the behind the scenes work. Payroll Funding Canada will always keep your company informed and up to date. We are the partner you would like to have in your corner.

How willing is Payroll Funding Canada to look at new ways of doing business? Can we be creative?

Very willing! Though some things in our process are necessary to transact business, we are very willing to discuss unique alternatives, processes, your business needs and new ideas.

What would I be giving up in choosing to utilize the benefits of Payroll Funding Canada?

Nothing, we are designed to manage all of your payroll needs in a way a bank could never offer.

Have further questions?  Please contact us at 1-844-212-FUND (3863) or info@payrollfunding.ca